Morgul - the endless dungeon

Morgul – the endless dungeon

freeapp 8 de April de 2016

Juego gratis por tiempo limitado! #iphonegames #iphone #FreeAppDay

Explore the dark dungeons,Fight for equipments,Fight for good!
Morgul is an engaging roguelike, a game about adventure.
Morgul is also a traditional turn-based RPG, a game about development.
Collect and develop characters, find equipments, seek treasure, and, above all, survive.

? Features

?Solid RPG elements
Unique Spells,Legendary Equipments,Rare Charms,Cute Spirits,Be careful,they can get addictive.

?Endless gameplay
After clear the game for the first time,Sorry,you are just kind of getting start.In the second round,you can forge your legendary equipments to a higher level,the creeps become more tough,of course you can get more rewards from them.

?Challenge your limitations
You die,then you start from beginning.Avoid traps,Survive for as long as you can!

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