Cloud Spin

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Wrestle Jump

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Combo Quest

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Magic Flute by Mozart

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Bob Esponja Doodle Jump

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The Ensign

freeapp 20 de September de 2015

Juego gratis por tiempo limitado! #iphonegames #iphone #FreeAppDay

Have to survive. The war’s not over.

The Ensign is a prequel to the viral #1 hit: A Dark Room.

This game is extremely difficult. Brutally difficult. Throw your device across the room difficult. You have been warned, human. Death awaits.

Be sure to try Amir’s new experience: A Noble Circle…. or else the “&” will hunt you down.

Critical Acclaim:

“The Ensign is a fantastically weird and wonderful RPG that has plenty going for it, but only if you have the time and patience to peel away the multiple layers. 4.5 out of 5 stars” – 148Apps

“The Ensign will create dedicated players as you’ll overcome the frustration with confidence, which in turn will lead to longer gameplay sessions. The Ensign is truly a game of its own, carrying much of the same qualities of A Dark Room which allowed this simple text-based game to be enjoyable. 8.5 out of 10 stars” – Game Mob

“Like A Dark Room, The Ensign is difficult to talk about without spoiling the sense of discovery as you unlock its secrets, but what I can do is tell you that the longer you play it, and the farther you get, the more impressive the world building becomes. It takes what seems like a fairly straight-forward objective (find this thing, try not to die) and then slowly unfolds its narrative and choices around you in surprising ways. 5 out of 5 stars” – JayIsGames

“It is full of revelations about the player character and the world it inhabits and, as such, becomes impossible to discuss at length without trading in awe-sapping spoilers.” – Pocket Tactics

“The Ensign is also a game of discovery—this is clearest when exploring the ASCII-based map steadily, a step at a time, praying for an abandoned house to relieve your struggle. The difference between it and A Dark Room is that it’s marked by two of the core tenets of games like Dark Souls: solitude and desperation.” – Kill Screen


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Angel Sword

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Infinity Blade III

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